Many people encounter losing one or many teeth todays. In the past, artificial teeth were used to fix this problem. Dental implants are one of the alternatives that are nowadays replacing dentures and permanent replacement for missing teeth

As mentioned in the Digital Dental Journal, technology advances in the field of dentistry, computers, and digital instruments have replaced many traditional and manual services. In this regard, a digital implant was also used to help dentists to make the implant treatment faster, more accurate and more beautiful, with better quality.

Use of implants:

Replacing missing teeth is possible if there is enough space between two teeth, bone width and bone height.

In addition, preventing jawbone from dwindling, prevents the face shape from being altered itself because of the tooth loss. In addition, the longevity of implants are longer, and if you lose your implant, there is a possibility of re-replacement.

The process of working on a digital implant:

In the first session, information will obtained from using an intraoral scanner. It examines the condition of the soft tissue ( Gums ), hard tissue (jawbone) and oral hygiene of the patient.

– The information that are received by the scanner and the CBCT which are  provided by the radiologist will examined by special software in terms of the quality of the jaw bone, jaw nerve position or sinusoidal membrane, and the surgical guide with the 3D interim overlay will Designed with a 3D printer.

– In the next session, without needing for gums surgery and stitching, implant will be placed in the bone only by using a well-made surgical guide. And the temporary laminate that is already designed and constructed is immediately will be installed for patient.

The difference in this method with the conventional method it can reduce the number of patient referral sessions, reduce the duration of implant surgery, and reduce pain and bleeding and surgical complications, resulting in high patient satisfaction after treatment.

In a digital implant, you can enter the office with your Dentures and exit the office with a double jaw implant with temporary covers and this is the miracle of digital dentistry.