Nowadays, people do not just refer to dentists for the treatment of their damaged teeth, but also many people are a concern for having a beautiful smile.

With the advent of dentistry and improving the restorative and beauty dentistry, we are going to believe that beauty dentistry can cover traditional dental defects and provide therapies that are more comprehensive.

In the simple example, we can mention the Dark colored fillings of the teeth that called amalgam, but nowadays they are replaced by cosmetic and beauty dentistry methods called composites.

In large caries, the carious cavity will scanned by the scanner, and after the designing, it will be quickly constructed by special CNC machines, called CAD/CAM, cemented and glued into the teeth. A reliable, beautiful and precise Restoration can happen chain the shortest possible time.

Problems such as the distance between the front teeth, the inappropriate length of the crown of the teeth or the shape of the teeth have increased the demand for beauty treatments. Inappropriate crown length or tooth shape has increased the appeal for beauty treatments.

To design a beautiful smile, many treatments can be designed and executed digitally, as follows:

  • Designing and manufacturing porcelain laminates:

The following steps are carried out to make porcelain design laminates:

–  After taking photographic photos, the two-dimensional design is created by the software and accompanied by other possible designs for the patient.

– At the request of the patient and to their liking, changes will be made to the design and after final approval they will be printed by Special three-dimensional printers (guide).

-In the next step, a composite laminate will constructed by using a beauty guide composite and after the correction and satisfaction of the patient, a three-dimensional scan of the supportive model will, provided.

– the turnery and final scan will be made and with the help of Special tools, Laminates will be designed and built

  • Designing and manufacturing of composite veneers:

For this treatment, after designing the two-dimensional image on patient’s face and confirming it, with the help of special software, guide will be designed and made.

Then, by placing the composite inside the guide for less than an hour, all the anterior teeth of a jaw are composite now and the process will be completed with the least changes.