It’s called prosthesis, and it’s in the teeth. In the general term, dentures are an artificial denture. Toothbrushes, full teeth, or removable pairs that are used to replace a number of teeth or all teeth, laminates, inlay and coat covers used to repair part of the teeth, and more. They are a dental prosthesis and are used in many different ways.

When the teeth are lost, in addition to creating inappropriate appearance, Patient will have problem for

 chewing and speaking.

The use of prosthetics will solve these problems.

Prostheses have different types. Prostheses include single and bridge covers, movable prostheses

Parsil, full teeth and overdenture, which we will talk about it in the dental prosthesis section.

In traditional dentistry for the manufacture of prostheses, silicon paste should be used and then the mold was poured by special molds in the mold stage of the patient’s teeth . This could have been unpleasant for some patients and increased the percentage of errors.

In modern dentistry, digital prosthesis technology provides dentists with the opportunity to accelerate the treatment process and increase the accuracy of the procedure. In the digital prosthetic method, intraoral oral scanners replace traditional molding, and after sending scanned information to the software and applying the treatment plan, this information is sent to the lab and by tools such as 3D printers and special CNN devices A new prosthetic is produced with high precision.