Root canal treatment is one of the most common dental treatments. In this treatment, the dentist removes the nerve and infection from the tooth root, relieves the patient’s pain, and saves the tooth. Taking into account the new root canal treatment methods performed at the dental clinic of Seyed Mohammad Reza Hosseini, DDS, patients feel the least amount of pain and discomfort possible during and after the root canal treatment. Besides, by observing a few points, the pain and discomfort after this treatment can be alleviated as far as possible. Some important points will be introduced here that should be observed for root canal treatment.


Important Points during & after Root Canal Treatment

  1. Between the session or even after completion of the treatment you might feel a slight pain that can be easily controlled by taking the analgesics or pain relievers prescribed by the dentist.


  1. If the pain is too much that cannot be controlled by a painkiller, then you can use a Diclofenac suppository. If the pain does not stop, in case the dentist has prescribed Dexamethasone, the intramuscular injection of dexamethasone may be a solution for your pain. Dexamethasone will definitely alleviate your pain.


  1. If your pain increases by pressing your teeth together it means that your tooth has moved due to the inflammation caused by root canal treatment or the crown is unfit. In this case, you need to go to your dentist to adjust the crown or tooth.


  1. An abscess may occur in every tooth that underwent root canal treatment. If the cyst is completely visible at the end of the tooth root, you need to take antibiotics from the beginning of your root canal treatment. However, in case the abscess occurred after the treatment, call your dentist’s office for a prescription and take the medication based on your doctor’s recommendations.


  1. Every tooth might break after root treatment since over time the blood supply inside the tooth crown will be gone and the tooth will become more brittle. Therefore, the dentist always seeks to reduce the possibility of tooth fracture to the max. Bear in mind that even after the best treatments there is a nonzero chance that the crown might break. The best treatment in this case and after root canal treatment is placing a dental crown. If the dentist decides the filling with the tooth-colored dental filling materials is a better option considering the condition of the tooth, then, this procedure will help to reduce the cost of treatment as well as preserving the dental tissues. However, a tooth filled with a tooth-colored filling material is more likely to break than a tooth with a dental crown. Thus, let the dentist choose the best procedure for you at their own discretion.


  1. Merely a small percent of root canal treatments may fail even if the root canal treatment is performed properly. This is due to the accessory canals at the end of the root canal, which sometimes is difficult to identify. In this case, usually, the end of the root canal should be removed through surgery or the tooth should be extracted.

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