One of the reasons to have a charming and impressive face is to have a beautiful smile. We can have a beautiful smile when the teeth are tidy and not too long, short and forward. People who have this feature are dissatisfied with their smile and often refuse to smile, which destroys their confidence. A skilled dentist’s modified smile design helps to have this feature.

Beautiful Smile Design Methods

Before correcting the smile design, the dentist should thoroughly examine the health of the patient’s mouth and then suggest treatment options given the tooth, jaw and gum conditions, the position of the teeth, and the structure of their teeth.

If the patient’s teeth are irregular, the recommended method is to sort them or orthodontically.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a method that has a great effect on your smile. If your teeth are discolored, the method of whitening is suggested by the use of coating and bleaching. In the teeth whitening‏ method, it is important to note that all teeth should be in the same color.

In bleaching, by whitening the dentin, whole teeth will be whitened. Bleaching is one of the best, most conservative and harmless ways to whiten teeth. Other methods include composite veneers and porcelain laminates.

Replacing fallen teeth

Having in a row tooth has a good effect on your smile, but if you have fallen teeth that will definitely affect your smile and beauty. Losing one tooth provides the foundation for other tooth decay. One of the ways to replace missing teeth is to use implants.

Restoration chipped teeth

Nowadays, there are various methods for repairing chipped, fractured and tilted teeth. using composite and tooth-colored materials is the best treatment for these teeth. Most people believe laminitis is the best way to treat these problems, but the teeth need to be shaved for laminitis, and because these teeth are either fractured or chipped, they will be severely damaged.

Short tooth length

One of the problems most people have is having long gums that don’t look good. Going to the dentist can shorten the gums and increase the length of your teeth which has a great effect on the smile.

Benefits of Smile Design Correction

Modifying the smile design helps restore the beauty and youth of the whole face.

Increases confidence.

The health benefits of this treatment include easier care and tooth cleaning, reduced risk of over-filling and tooth decay.

When these teeth care and treatments are done, they can be prevented from decay and damage.

Modifying a smile design in a person’s life has made many changes and has various health and beauty benefits.

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