Teeth whitening or bleaching is a treatment that makes the teeth whiter. It even removes some of the genetic bad pigmenting defects and improves the appearance of the teeth.

Age Increasing and eating habits and daily habits like smoking, eating colored drinks and spices can also change the color of your teeth.

Teeth whitening or bleaching will be done in two ways: whitening in the dental office and whitening at home.

Bleaching in the dental office:

Teeth whitening in the office can be done in two ways:

Tooth bleaching with Laser

Teeth whitening without laser

These two methods are not very different. Only by using laser and UV radiation the bleaching materials will activate and work faster. Also in This method, we can protect the gums with special materials, and then the high-concentration bleaches will be applied to the teeth.

Some of these ingredients will be chemically activated, some with light and some with little heat, but there is not much difference between these methods‏, and the cost of tooth bleaching in this way is slightly different from home bleaching.

Teeth bleaching at home

The difference between home bleaching and office bleaching is that:

In practice, bleaching at the office can take 15 to 30 minutes to get the desired result, but in-home bleaching method it can take between three weeks to a month to achieve seventy percent of the office’s results.

More about teeth whitening at home (home bleaching):

First, you see your dentist, and then they will take a 3D scan of your teeth and they will make a transparent mold out of your teeth so you can put bleaching materials on them and use it at home.

Depending on the type of material you use, it stays in your mouth for about eight hours and then you take it out and wash your mouth and you have to do it every night.

Of course, in some cases, once a week is enough, and for those who consume less pigment once a month will be enough.

Is it possible that someone doesn’t respond with one month of use?

No, it works out to between fifty to seventy percent of people.

Does it need to be done at home too?

It is repeated when we feel that the teeth are returning to their original color.

What should we take care about teeth whitening?

According to tradition, Iranians drink a lot of tea that it contains pigmentation material same as those who drink a lot of coffee. Also, smoking habits can affect teeth color so Consumption of these substances should be limited.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening:

Does bleaching have age restrictions?

Whitening can be done on anyone at any age. But Of course, they souled be more than eighteen years old.

Due to being under 18 years of age, dentin and enamel are not fully mature and are more sensitive to open spaces. It has only a series of contraindications, which means some people cannot do this treatment, such as those who have the same color-filled at their front teeth or those who have extremely sensitive teeth. But it’s not like they can’t do teeth whitening at all.

Those who have tooth fillings‏ after the whitening their teeth become very white and the filling material remains the same old color and these changes in their teeth will reflect their filling materials so now all the fillings have to be replaced with lighter materials.

Even those with sensitive teeth should use anti-allergenic gels before and after tooth whitening. However, it can still be a week or ten days for their teeth to be brushed and bitten. But for others, it’s easy.

How many sessions does this take in the office?

Usually one to three sessions, each lasting forty-five minutes to two hours.

Do we need teeth scaling before bleaching?

If the patient has not done any teeth scaling for a long time and if their gums are inflamed, they must have their teeth scaled before bleaching and after 7-14 days they can do the bleaching.

How long the bleaching will last?

Bleaching can last up to 1 year and even longer. Of course, dear patients should brush their teeth after each meal. It is also advisable to brush their teeth with a toothbrush after eating coffee and colored drinks. It can be done without toothpaste and only with a simple toothbrush and brush. This will ensure the whiteness of the teeth for up to ‏1 year or more.

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