When you have toothache during pregnancy, it will not be possible to avoid and cannot be ignored. Contrary to the opinion of most pregnant women who think that dental treatments during pregnancy are associated with a risk for the fetus, all dental treatments during pregnancy are feasible, but we prefer complex treatments such as implants after pregnancy because of increased levels of hormones during pregnancy can cause swelling and gums bleeding.

It is advisable to get treatment in the second trimester of pregnancy because the fetus is forming in the first trimester and is more likely to be injured. The third trimester is not recommended due to the prolonged sitting on the dental chair for pregnant women, and it is advisable to only do the emergency treatment during this period. Even radiography during pregnancy does not pose a problem.

Lack of oral hygiene during pregnancy can cause gum swelling and bleeding while brushing, so pregnant women are advised to brush their teeth at least twice a day.

we advise you to check your dental health before getting pregnant and in the case of cavity approval visit your dentist before pregnancy.

To prevent toothache during pregnancy, it is advisable to eat a good diet and avoid eating foods containing sugar as much as possible because it allows bacteria to grow.

It is a misconception that tooth decay during pregnancy is due to the removal of calcium from the teeth, but the calcium present in the teeth is fixed crystals and cannot be removed for growth of fetal bones. Pregnant women can also reduce their risk of pain with regular visits to their dentist and a proper diet and oral hygiene.

So we can be concluded that:

  1. The reason for tooth decay in pregnancy is only inappropriate diet and lack of proper maternal hygiene.

  1. All mothers are allowed to receive emergency dental treatment throughout pregnancy.

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