One of the great achievements in the dental industry is digital anesthesia technology, which has completely changed with this technique the injections have changed completely.

In this method, the injection is 100% painless, fast, completely effective, and only the tooth will be numb and the anesthesia would not affect on lips and tongue. Plus, the anesthesia will be eliminated in a way that the patient will not feel it.

Pain-free injection, completely effective numbness and minimal anesthesiaā€¸ use and has no side effects are the benefits of using digital anesthesia.

Almost in most dentistry cases, this type of anesthesia used is possible.

In some cases, we may have to use conventional anesthesia due to specific treatments. Pain rarely occurs during treatment, and you will usually experience painless treatment with the desired anesthesia by the dentist.

In some cases, pain may occur but in digital tooth anesthesia, it’s almost impossible to happen.

People usually use painkillers and antibiotics in the case of toothache happen, which can lead to prolonged toothache and as a result of severe hypertension in the tooth.

After a while, the toothache will no longer respond to painkillers and the patient goes to the dentist because of their severe pain. At this point, the dentist will have to use a PDL injection method, which is very painful due to the lack of tooth numbness.

In other cases, this procedure may not be responsive and the dentist will have to inject a very painful pulp. In this regard, it is advisable to see your dentist before reaching this stage.

It is worth pointing out that in digital anesthesia all these painful procedures are eliminated and the patient will not experience painful injections.

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