Toothache is one of the pains that most people will experience at least once in their life. Toothache can have many causes and one of the most common ones is dental decay reaching the nerves which need to be treated in time.


When is root canal treatment necessary?

Varying degrees of tooth decay need a variety of treatments. If the decay is only on the enamel or dentin and is painless, then a surface treatment (with composite or amalgam fillings) would suffice. But if this treatment was to be postponed, the decay would spread more and enter the pulp (soft area within the center of the tooth), finally reaching the nerves. Now you need to treat the tooth and the root with endodontic therapy. Since the tooth pulp is under more pressure at night, the pain of tooth decay advancing this far will be felt more at night which bothersome.

These are some of the symptoms of tooth decay reaching the nerve and needing endodontic therapy:

  • Toothache after eating hard food.
  • Sharp and sudden pain after eating or drinking something very hot or cold.
  • Long periods of unbearable toothache or sudden sharp pains for no reason.
  • Blackened tooth, deep holes on the damaged tooth, or even loss of the dentin wall.
  • Toothache in case of trauma or touch to the tooth.
  • The tooth loosening in case the decay reaches the root.
  • Inflation in the gum or face when the infection of the decayed tooth has spread more.

How is the digital root canal treatment done?

Before explaining digital root canal treatment let’s talk about conventional treatment. In order to access the root, the dentist makes an opening through the tooth and after removing the pulp the root can be seen. Using radiography, the length of the root canal is determined and then it is emptied using the proper tools and to be filled with special material.

In digital endodontic therapy smart rotary equipment is used which can automatically determine the length of the root canal. These types of equipment eliminate the doctor’s need for radiography images for determining the length of the root canal. As soon as the device reaches the canal it starts rotating at the desired speed, excavating the canal. When the excavation is over and the device reached the end of the canal it stops automatically and the next phase of the procedure can start. These devices minimized the time needed for identifying and clearing the canals.

Another benefit of these devices is that with the decrease in the overall pressure on the tooth as well as the decrease in the time of the procedure, the resulting pain and inflation after the treatment will decrease as well.

This means the patient will experience a fast treatment with the least amount of pain.

Necessary Post-treatment care

The patient may experience decreasing degrees of pain after the treatment which may last as long as two weeks. However, these pains will be a lot less intense for those treated using the digital treatment procedure, some patients may not even experience much pain at all. Either way, most of these pains are the remnants of the infections before the treatment or the inflation that is a natural response from the body to the stimulations caused by the treatment. It is advised that patients thoroughly follow the instructions of the prescribed drugs until full recovery.

Since the teeth could have been very damaged and thus weak before the treatment it is advised that patients refrain from eating any solid food when the tooth is still dressed.

It is recommended that patients return to the dentist sometime after the treatment so that the dentist can make sure the procedure was a success using radiography.

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