Fear of Dentistry, Factors and executive strategies to deal with them

Dental fear factors are usually due to pain, dental infections, noise, smell, taste, and lack of equipment and treatment recognition. Some people also report their fear of dentistry, the likelihood of getting infections or diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.

I am a physician and I know from my education that there are various factors involved in transmitting infections like hepatitis and AIDS. For example, are spoons sterilized in restaurants? While we know that some people due to gum problems may their gums bleed a little while eating! Therefore, we conclude that much of the fear of infection is psychological.

But it is important to note that in the dental complex for infection control, all tools that come in contact with saliva or the dentist’s hand are either disposable, covered with disposable lining, or must be sterilized with an autoclave. If you want to be sure of your dentist’s infection control, you can ask the secretary to show you the sterilization procedures in the office or visit your trusted dentists.

Fear of numbness and fear of pain during treatment

Anesthesia pain includes needle entry and releasing the drug Process, which is one of the major causes of dental fear.

The dentist usually presses the Needle Entry Area with finger or Mouth mirror

For a few seconds. This causes the receptors of that area to be blocked immediately so the doctor can insert the needle. Also, we try to use 30-gauge needles and needles with sharp and pointed heads. So usually either the patient does not feel the needle coming in or feels very much less.

It should be noted that the speed of injection is very important, the dentist tries to make the injection slowly, and starts to rubbing their finger around the injection area, distracts the person’s focus, so patients report that they feel nothing and Sometimes they joke that there has been an injection at all?!, so if your dentist does not comply with the above, ask him to follow these tips for your phobia.

But in digital anesthesia, the injection technique has changed quite a bit.

We will have 100% painless, fast, and completely effective in this injection method.

In this way, only the tooth will be numb and the lips and tongue sensor won’t be changed. And the anesthesia will be gone in a way you wouldn’t notice. Just try it once to say goodbye to the fear of injections and numbness forever.

Pain rarely occurs during treatment, and you will usually experience pain-free treatment with the dentist’s optimal anesthesia. In limited cases, pain may occur, which is almost impossible with new anesthesia.

People usually use painkillers and antibiotics when they face with toothache, which can lead to prolonged toothache and as a result of severe hypertension in the tooth. After a while, the toothache no longer responds to painkillers and the patient goes to the dentist because of severe pain. At this stage, the dentist is forced to use the PDL injection method, which is very painful due to the lack of tooth numbness.

In some cases, this procedure is not responsive and the dentist will have to inject a very painful pulp. In this regard, it is recommended to see your dentist before reaching this stage.

In the new anesthesia methods, all these painful procedures have been eliminated and you will never experience a painful injection. In some people, the sound of the turbine and the smell of dental materials are stressful so we recommend using headphones for listening to music during the Process‏.

A complete lack of trust in the dentist also creates fear. Ask your dentist to explain the procedure for you.

For the smell, you can also use Nose Clip.

We at Dr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Hosseini Digital Dental Center as one of the leading dental and best dental centers in West of Tehran, while adhering to the hygiene and sterilization of dental equipment. We have provided a peaceful environment and the use of digital anesthesia to make a painless treatment.

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