The implant is used to replace missing teeth. Before implant surgery, it should be noted that we should have a healthy jaw and enough bone to implant in the jaw. If there is not enough bone in the jaw, the dentist will inevitably replace and repair the missing bone tissue. Implant surgery is also aesthetic in addition to its functionality. The dentist should pay great attention to the beauty of the teeth, jaws, and gums as the result of his work can be effective in the patient’s life.

The dentist will begin surgery after founding enough bone tissue.

First in the toothless area and inside the bone, the base of the implant which called the fixation is inserted. These programs are designed for flawless surgery in the shortest possible time.

The dentist will determine the exact location of the implant using digital imaging of the teeth, then begin the surgery and insert the implant. After one to six months, depending on the condition of the bone and the brand of implant, we will apply a coating. Occasionally, to form the gum, the implant must be cleaved and instead of the short screw, the long screw is fastened. This step of surgery is also called healing closure.

Post-Implant Surgery Tips

After implant surgery, it is best not to put pressure on the implant for two weeks while eating and avoid eating stiff foods and in case of insisting on eating stiff foods, you must use the other side of your mouth.

A few hours after surgery you may have some bleeding that can be prevented by compressing sterile gas. It also stops bleeding when the head is rested. After surgery, your saliva may appear pink or red, which will be of no concern.

After surgery, you may have swelling, which is a natural reaction to surgery. This swelling may persist for 2 to 3 days after surgery then the swelling will gradually decrease and will resolve within 10 to 14 days.

In case of pain, you can use painkillers, suppositories or analgesic shots. In addition, antibacterial mouthwashes are recommended in the first two weeks after implant surgery.

1 to 3 days after surgery, white tissue may be present at the surgical site, indicating tissue is healing and may have an unpleasant odor from your mouth that disappears after complete tissue repairment.

Oral hygiene is very important after implant surgery. After each meal, brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste.

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