Dental centers and offices are the places where patients with various dental diseases can travel. These centers have a high probability of transmission of infection and infection, the most common of which is the transmission of saliva and blood. Viruses and germs can easily be transmitted through the dental environment and equipment. Transmission of infections from one patient to another or from the patient to the dentist and vice versa is one of the dangers in ambient dentistry centers, so due to the very high importance of hygiene in dental offices, all dentists should be careful in dental hygiene and sterilization. And be careful.

The main purpose of hygiene and sterilization of tools and equipment used in dentistry, protection of personnel and patients against infection and its consequences, treatment of patients in a health place, reducing the number of pathogenic germs to a level where the immune system has the ability to cope. Have them. To establish a health control plan, one must first identify all the pathogens and risk factors, and then work to counter, reduce, and eliminate them.

Methods of infection control in dental centers

Wash your hands

Use of personal items such as masks, gloves, etc.

Correct and safe use of sharp and winning instruments

Sterilize and disinfect appliances after use and dry

Dispose of disposable utensils after use and dispose of waste

Dental staff vaccination

In addition to what has been said, the environment of dental centers and offices should be clean and well-ventilated. Clean and clean contaminated areas and sterilize and disinfect contaminated tools and equipment. Contamination of the molds used for the patients’ teeth with saliva and blood requires careful sterilization. Dental tools can be automatically sterilized manually or by devices (autoclave, fork, etc.) and there is less risk and injury. People must go to offices that are confident in the implementation of health tips in that area.

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