Increasing crown lengthing is one of the oral and dental surgeries that will be used to remove the gum and bone around the tooth root and remaining edges of the root can be made to improve it better, and to correct the smile pattern.

Normally, length of teeth root may be appropriate in size, but their edges MIGHT BE covered by the gum tissue or be below of the bone surface or most of the tooth crown in the anterior teeth be covered by the gum or the gum level or gum surface in the anterior teeth not be symmetrical, therefore the tooth won’t be suitable at the apparent.

Digital & beauty dentistry has many solutions for such problems, the most suitable option is cosmetic surgery to increase crown length. In this type of surgery, the teeth length will be increases only by cleaving, removing the bone and the tissue of gums. Thus, with removing additional tissues, a higher level of teeth will be appears and the teeth appearance will be more elegant. Increasing the crown length of a tooth has several aspects including beauty. One usage of crown lengthening is when the teeth or a part of the teeth crown has been lost due to decay or fracture, repairing them will get problematic. With crown lengthening surgery, this problem will be resolved And the possibility of placing prosthesis on teeth becomes easier.

In digital dentistry, the laser will perform a gingival tissues deformation and the crown lengthening. Performing this operation with laser will be completely painless and without any bleeding, and less anesthetic will be used. At first, dentist will scans the desired area with a digital scanner and, after transferring the images to related software’s, designing and analyzing of gum surgery will begin. After the final design, a 3D printer will produces the surgical guide. This guide will be placed on the teeth and area will be surgically treated with an electrosurgical device or surgical blade with a high precision at the minimum time.

At digital & beauty dentistry, in the shortest time possible, the most beautiful teeth will be created , and this is the miracle of digital dentistry.