Digital dentistry has many advantages in compared with previous techniques and tools. Digital dentistry decreasing human and laboratory errors.The information About the damaged teeth will be received by the intraoral scanner and, according to the required technique , materials, molds, dentures, measurements, and examinations will made by digital instruments.Reducing treatment time, pain, swelling, bleeding, bone resorption, accuracy and high quality are the advantages of this modern method.In addition, the advantages that mentioned above, digital dentistry, grant some benefits to dentists likewise.Increasing the stability and accuracy of the dentist’s diagnosis and the Predictability of treatment and the result is surgery without cutting soft tissues (gums)Designing the correct and safe placement of the implant before surgery.Reducing the risk of damage to the sinus and maxillofacial nerves, safe implantation and high success rate even for the elderly, People with systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and etc. are among the benefits.