What are the characteristics of the best dentist?

If one day you face with dental problems such as decrepitude, deep caries and other dental problems that have disrupted your life, you may want to go to any dentist at the earliest possible time to find the pain source and problem in your teeth.

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Dental treatments during pregnancy

When you have toothache during pregnancy, it will not be possible to avoid and cannot be ignored. Contrary to the opinion of most pregnant women who think that dental treatments during pregnancy are associated with a risk for the fetus, all dental treatments during pregnancy are feasible, but we prefer complex treatments such as implants after pregnancy because of increased levels of hormones during pregnancy can cause swelling and gums bleeding.

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Sterilization and hygiene in the dental office

Dental centers and offices are the places where patients with various dental diseases can travel. These centers have a high probability of transmission of infection and infection, the most common of which is the transmission of saliva and blood. Viruses and germs can easily be transmitted through the dental environment and equipment. Transmission of infections from one patient to another or from the patient to the dentist and vice versa is one of the dangers in ambient dentistry centers, so due to the very high importance of hygiene in dental offices, all dentists should be careful in dental hygiene and sterilization. And be careful.


Implant Surgery

The implant is used to replace missing teeth. Before implant surgery, it should be noted that we should have a healthy jaw and enough bone to implant in the jaw. If there is not enough bone in the jaw, the dentist will inevitably replace and repair the missing bone tissue. Implant surgery is also aesthetic in addition to its functionality. The dentist should pay great attention to the beauty of the teeth, jaws, and gums as the result of his work can be effective in the patient’s life.


Gingival Bleeding-Factors and Treatment Methods

The most common cause of gum disease and it’s bleeding is mass. When the gums begin to erosion, cavities between the teeth start to show up. The germs easily penetrate these bumps and attack the gums and bones that are responsible for protecting the teeth. These germs gradually become Dental plaques and cover the teeth and gums.


Dental Bridge and its benefits

Being Toothless is one of the problems that some people face. Most of it is due to poor diet and poor oral hygiene. In the implant and bridge method, the tooth problem is resolved but we have to make the right choice.

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Tips for after tooth surgery

The following information is written about dental surgery to answer your questions about how to protect your surgical site. Please read this text meticulously and apply these instructions.


Closing the gap between teeth

The gap between the teeth, especially the front teeth, is one of the problems affecting your smile and people trying to close the gap between their teeth. These gaps cause food to cling between the teeth, thereby leading to tooth decay and affecting your appearance in addition to being careless. But today there are various ways to close these gaps in dental clinics, including Orthodontics and Porcelain Laminates.


When should we think of dental coating?

The main reason for tooth coverage is losing or weakening of the crown tissue.

This happens for three reasons: caries, excessive wear on different surfaces, or crown fractures. When a tooth decays, it must be repaired. If the tooth is in the early stages of decay, it is quicker and easier to repair, but if the tooth is severely damaged, root can be treated. But when should we do teeth coverage?

Tooth Decay

Causes of toothache

Usually, when a tooth decay exceeds a certain degree or the tooth enamel becomes corroded for some reason and the tooth contacts the oral environment, the tooth becomes sensitive to cold, sweats, or heat, which these pains stop when the pain factor disappears.

At this stage, Caries should be cured in the dental office.

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