The gap between the teeth, especially the front teeth, is one of the problems affecting your smile and people trying to close the gap between their teeth. These gaps cause food to cling between the teeth, thereby leading to tooth decay and affecting your appearance in addition to being careless. But today there are various ways to close these gaps in dental clinics, including Orthodontics and Porcelain Laminates.

Tooth laminate or veneer composite

If in addition to the tooth gap, their shape and appearance or the color of the tooth are difficult, the best method is laminate or composite veneer. These two methods spend less time closing the gap between teeth than the other methods. Even with these techniques, teeth can only be removed without a gap during one session.

What is the reason for the teeth gap?

The gap between the teeth has many causes, and the cause of this gap must be known before the treatment starts. Causes of tooth distance include finger sucking, tongue pressure, gum disease, tooth size mismatch, tooth loss and pressure on cheek and lip frenulum.

Sometimes, the gap between the teeth is caused by the fall of one or more teeth or the structural change of the teeth which may cause problems for the other teeth and so on. Most importantly, it is up to the patient himself or herself to be unhappy with this gap and to fill in the gap if they are unhappy. Each treatment may have its problems and complications, depending on the patient’s health and well-being, the history of the disease, and the type of treatment and equipment the dentist uses.

But today, with the advancement of medical equipment and methods of treatment, the side effects of each treatment have diminished and will be explained to the patient after an initial examination by the dentist.

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