Being Toothless is one of the problems that some people face. Most of it is due to poor diet and poor oral hygiene. In the implant and bridge method, the tooth problem is resolved but we have to make the right choice.

In the bridge method, the tooth vacancy will be filled by coating the adjacent teeth and the bridging or the bridge of the missing teeth.

However, the bone resorption continues, and because of the edentulous and pressure of the toothless area bone resorption is more likely in adjacent teeth, resulting in a shorter life span of adjacent teeth.

When the chosen tooth is not laminated, for this treatment we have to use the healthy tissue for laminating it. Oral hygiene is also more difficult and more likely to be decayed. This treatment is applicable when there is a tooth on both sides of the toothless bridge. This is best suited for people who have lost only one tooth. In the tooth bridge method, the teeth of the sides act as a bridge and complete the toothless area.

The bridge treatment process is usually completed during two sessions with a dentist. This is while the treatment with the implant may take up to six months. The tooth bridge does not just fill the gap between the teeth. The bridge can also restore the natural appearance of a person’s smile in addition to filling the void of missing teeth.

In the implant procedure, we will have all the benefits of a tooth bridge in addition to not damaging the adjacent teeth but also strengthening the bone of the tooth. However, if implant treatment is not possible in the oral area, this is the best treatment.

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