Dental laminate is one of the effective Therapeutic methods Which also have the therapeutic aspect, beautiful aspects too and makes your smile beautifully without performing orthodontic surgery, It has a great impact on your appearance, and those who do not have enough time to perform orthodontics, laminate is the best solution.

The main difference between the laminate and the coating is in thickness, Lathe and The amount of surface that covers. The thickness of the overlay is more than laminate and therefore it’s require more Cutting.

Unlike coatings that cut the whole tooth, laminates only cut a thin surface of the tooth. In addition, the surface level of the laminate is thinner than the coatings.

Dental Laminate Types


Ceramic laminate teeth: The method is indirect and, as its name implies, its made of ceramic.

Ceramic laminates have a beautiful appearance and their color and strength are more stable than composite laminates. As a result, ceramic laminate is cost higher than composite laminate.

Composite Laminate: A direct method that is in return of the ceramic laminate.

Composite is brighter than ceramic laminate, and The light transmission is also higher.

It has a lot of color variation, so it can be the same color as natural teeth too. Laminated composite are less cutted or not ben cutted at all. In addition, the cost of these composites are lower than ceramic composites.

Benefits of dental lamination:


The color of these laminates is stable Or have the least tonality, As a result, it is the best solution for smokers who suffers from tooth discoloration. These laminates are color-coated with other teeth and have a clear surface.

Therefore, if the tooth enamel gets rotten, laminate has a therapeutic effect too.

Disadvantages of dental lamination:


If the physician uses an improper and inadequate glue for installing laminate, the probability of lamination Detachment from the tooth will be high and You need to go to your dentist for re-installing.

When the laminate is about to be installed, Natural teeth will be scratched thereby, it is not possible to remove the laminate and return to the first state.

Laminate treatment is just like any other treatments methods will be faced with a lot of sensitivities, including cold and heat, and after a while these sensations are eliminated.

after care of tooth Lamination :


  • When you are drinking hot or cold liquids, you should be careful because the laminate is sensitive to heat and cold.
  • Avoiding biting or chewing hard foods such as apples, seeds, Scorched rice, etc.
  • Smoking, drinking tea or coffee and… should be avoided because it can change the color of the laminate.
  • Full oral health should Be respected , If you use mouthwash, it should be according to the doctor’s prescription , otherwise ordinary mouthwash will be Ruined the laminate.

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