The main reason for tooth coverage is losing or weakening of the crown tissue.

This happens for three reasons: caries, excessive wear on different surfaces, or crown fractures. When a tooth decays, it must be repaired. If the tooth is in the early stages of decay, it is quicker and easier to repair, but if the tooth is severely damaged, root can be treated. But when should we do teeth coverage?

Crowns are suitable for teeth that have lost coronal tissue, or have been thinned due to nerve impaction, and are prone to fracture due to drying, or the tooth is broken or their structure has deteriorated due to decay. Before deciding to have your teeth covered, it is important to carefully examine the condition of your mouth and teeth as it has certain principles.

In order to make the coating, the position of the tooth in the jaw must be examined. If the teeth have an incorrect angle in the jaw, the coating must be carefully treated. Before proceeding to the coating, the most important thing to consider is the condition of the gums which should be in good health. Due to the fact that in the crown dental treatment are usually healthy tissue are shaved, two points should be taken into consideration.

First, be careful that your teeth are not laminated for the wrong reasons.

Second, when teeth need a coating, Opposition in the maintenance of tissue remaining, do not cause tooth loss.

Coatings are of a different gender.

Metallic & Porcelain Base Coatings, Zirconium & Porcelain Base, All Zirconium, All Porcelain, Non-Base Compact Porcelain, Glass Ceramics, etc.

Baseless porcelain Coatings are one of the types of coatings that besides giving strength to the teeth also Cause Tooth beauty too.

These coatings cover the anterior teeth that are fractured, have a bad appearance and shape, making the teeth look more beautiful. If the coating does not cover the entire tooth and is designed for only a part of the tooth, it is called laminitis, Inlays or Onlays.

Important Notes After Dental coatings

You should see your doctor every 6 months after the coatings have been done.

When you do coating You may be susceptible to pressure, heat, and cold for a long time, but after a while, this sensitivity disappears.

Once the coating is installed, dental hygiene in that area is not as simple as before, and hygiene must be ensured with adequate care, such as toothbrushes and special dental flosses.

If you feel that your coating is too long, do not try to shorten them by pushing them, applying pressure to the teeth will simply break the porcelain. This problem can be resolved by referring to your doctor.

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With the advancement of technology in the field of dentistry, digital dentistry has a widespread use in treatments and is a good alternative for traditional therapies. In order to reduce the potential errors in traditional treatment, advanced digital dentistry solutions are presented.

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