The term “post and core” is a type of crown and root regeneration system that is used in particular for highly damaged crown teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.

The post is a type of bar that sinks into the root of the tooth and has different types

The post can be prefabricated, such as Brass screw posts, steel posts, fiber, and carbon cement, or metal posts Or milling posts such as zirconium or glass-ceramics to be used in the root canal.

What is the core?

The core is the constituent of the missing crown part of the tooth that attaches to the post inside the root on the one hand and provides the necessary attachment to the crown (ceramic crown or metal-ceramic) on the other. Of course, the core can be made of materials such as amalgam or composite, and so on.

How to insert posts and core in severely damaged teeth:

The most common and most prominent use of post and core is in severely damaged teeth.

In other words, in teeth that have more than three-quarters of the crown volume destroyed, an in-canal bar is required to maintain the crown at the crown surface. This will be achieved by the use of prefabricated or metal posts and more recently fiber ones.

To put these posts into the canal, first of all, it is necessary to have the teeth treated with RCT or root canal therapy.

Then, with the help of radiography and the use of a Peeso reamer or Gates-Glidden, about two-thirds to three-quarters of the length of the endo canal will be emptied of the Gutta-percha‏ and by placing the Espero into the canal, the outer part will be formed by Duralay.

This formed Espero and Duralay will be sent to the laboratory to be transformed into a post casting form. Then, with the help of cement, the core is cast into the canal and the tooth is cut to attach the crown to it.

In digital dentistry, this part is performed by a scanner The post and the cover is sent at the same time.

Do we always need a post?

If more than half of the original structure of the tooth crown (part of the tooth that is usually seen above the gum) is lost, the post is also needed.

If half of the crown’s structure is left, the core will probably be enough.

. How long will your tooth last?

You should know that coating damage usually does not cause tooth loss However, post and core breaks usually cause tooth extraction due to root fractures. Studies on the tooth with a post and core treatment have reported a lifetime of 13.5 years and sometimes more.

  You should note that the long-term treatment depends on the initial state and condition of teeth